Due Date: 2/8 (Thu) 11:59 PM PST.
You may not use late days for the project proposal.

The project proposal will be graded credit/no-credit for submitting it in on time. See the project page for more details about the final project.

For Choose-Your-Own Final Project Teams

Please submit your project proposal to Gradescope. You only need to submit one per a team (any team member can submit). Here is a description of what your project proposal should look like. We encourage you to go to Richard's, Abi's, Kevin's or Tim's office hours to discuss your proposal before you submit, but this is not required. We will provide brief feedback for your proposal. We may ask you to re-submit a new proposal if we believe your proposed project is not feasible. You don't have to do this step if you are doing the default final project.

For All Teams

Please fill out this Google Form informing us of your team members. If you are doing the choose-your-own final project, the form will ask you to provide a link to the gradescope submission of your proposal, so please do that step first. ALL teams need to do this regardless of which project option you are choosing. Please only submit one form for each team.