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Spoken Language Processing (CS224S) Final Project Poster Session

You're invited! You are warmly invited to the CS224S (Spoken Language Processing) poster session, which will be held this Tuesday, June 3rd, from 2-4PM in the back patio of Gates Building on the Stanford University campus.

About 70 students in CS224S will be presenting 24 projects related to spoken language processing. These projects cover a wide variety of different topics.


CS224S is a graduate-level course on various topics in spoken language processing. Students engage in a final project of their choosing. The list of projects below shows the amazing range of problems which can be solved using spoken language processing techniques. We encourage you to come see the posters and discuss with students how spoken language processing can impact your areas of interest.


Chess Conversational Agent - Kristian G., David K.

Child-Directed Speech Classification - Milind G., Sebastian S., Stephanie P.

CNN Hybrid Acoustic Models on Switchboard Speech - Clara F., Michael F.

Deconstructing Accents - Sarah B., Daryl C., Keith W.

Deep Neural Network Based LVCSR - Melvin J., Aparna K.

Detecting and Characterizing Laughter in Speech - Casatrina L., Clarence C., Rahul P.

Detecting Sexual Orientation from Speech - Jim Z, Kent K., Shahriyar P.

Extracting Attributes from Speed Dates - Pararth S., Aditya P., Patricio F.

Humanizing Robotic Voice using Voice Transforms in Festival - Cliff H, Benjamin A., Mikhail S.

Identifying Issues in Accents of Foreign Speakers - Sam B., Adriana D., Ankit K.

Identifying Speakers' Properties in Phone Conversations - Shi H., Peter L.

Improving Forced Alignment Accuracy in Conversational American English - Simon T., Guan W., Jingrui Z.

Integrating Knowledge into Language Modeling in Speech Recognition with Probabilistic Models - Zifei S., Tianxin Z., Haowen C.

Kaldi Web Client - Alex P., Zach Y-F., Julia S.

Misperception of Social Meaning in Speed Dating Corpora - Tony J., Seung Kyung K., and Hanzhi Z.

Parkinson Disease Classifier Using Patient Voice Recording Data - Lee H., Ro Y.

Powerful Dialog Platform - Daniel S., Jeremy H.

Predicting Intelligence Perception in a Speed Dating Environment - Anil, Rick, Alex

Recurrent Neural Nets for Acoustic Modeling - Paul C., Michael K., Alex C.

Speech Recognition with Hybrid CNN-HMM Model - Jim C., Will S., Billy J.

Speed Dating Laugher Classification - Alex E., Omosola O., Lilith W.

System for Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder [or Language Impairment] in Children - Veni J., Tim S., Gina P.

Understanding the Perception of Sincerity in Speed Date Data - Sidd J., Ranjay K., Gabriele C.

Virtual Bartender - Mario V., Ryan V., Jessica T.


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