Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this course on credit/no credit basis?

Yes. We give credit to those who would have otherwise earned a C- (C minus) or above

Can I audit or sit in?

In general we are happy to have participants sit in class if you are a member of the Stanford community (registered student, staff, and/or faculty). Out of courtesy, we appreciate that you first email us at or talk to the instructor after the first class you attend. If the class is too full and we're running out of space, we would request that you please allow registered students to attend. Note often in-class participation changes during the term, and if it is too busy the first few class periods, there may be open space later on.

Can I do my final project in a group?

Yes, final projects can be done in groups of up to three people.

I have a question about the class. What is the best way to reach the course staff?

Please ask almost all questions on Piazza. This allows you to be responded to most quickly. If you have a sensitive issue you can post a private Piazza post or email the instructors directly at

Can I combine the Final Project with another course?

Yes, you may; however before doing so you must receive permission from the instructors of both courses.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Poster Session