SCPD Students

Welcome! We’re glad you’re participating in the class. Below we try to address common topics of interest for SCPD students. Please don’t hesitate to reach out on piazza if you have additional questions.


There is one in-class midterm that may be taken remotely by SCPD students. In order to account for time zone differences, SCPD students will have a 24 hour time period on the same date as the in-class midterm from 11:30 am PST to 11:29 am PST the next day, during which time you would need to find an 80-min window with a proctor for the exam. The exam itself and further instructions will be sent out to SCPD students from the SCPD office.

There is one in-class quiz. Like the midterm exam, SCPD students will have a 24 hour time window to complete the quiz, that starts at the same time as the in-class quiz. Like the exam, during this time time you would need to find an 80-min window with a proctor for the exam. For SCPD students who are participating in the class remotely including taking the exams and quizzes, there will be no team component for the quiz. Instead SCPD students taking the quiz remotely will be asked to write rationales for their multiple choice answers and that will account for your "team" grade (which is 0.5% of the grade).

SCPD students are also welcome, but not required, to come to take the quiz or midterm on campus. If you plan to take the exam on campus, please contact the course staff at

Coding and Project Collaboration

SCPD students are welcome, like students attending in person, to complete the coding parts of assignments in groups, and to do a group project. The piazza forum is a good place to try to meet other potential team members for those interested. This is not required though, and many SCPD students will complete the assignments and projects by themselves.

Poster Project Presentation

SCPD students are encouraged but not expected to present their project poster in person. For those that do not present in person, they will instead be required to submit a short video (5-10 minutes) explaining their poster, and submit a pdf of their poster, due at the start of the live poster session. Please see the project page for further details about the project and poster session.