CS242: Slides

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Slides will be available in PowerPoint (ppt) and PDF format.     Links will work only after slides have been posted to this site.
2007 Lectures Section Notes
Introduction (pdf) Section: Lisp and JavaScript
JavaScript (pdf) Section: C++ (zip with pdf and code)
Lisp (pdf) Section: Java (zip with pdf and code)
Lambda Calculus (pdf) See the online video for explanation/answers of the next 2 sections
The Algol family and ML (pdf) Section: Activation Record
Types and type inference (pdf) Section: Subtyping
ML examples from review session 2  
Scope, function calls, local storage (pdf)  
Control in sequential languages (pdf)  
Computability and the halting problem (pdf)  
Denotational semantics, functional programming (pdf)  
Code analysis tools (pdf)  
Modules and objects (pdf) (revised 10/29)  
Midterm review  
Simula and Smalltalk (pdf)  
Self (pdf)  
C++ (pdf)  
Java Language (pdf)  
Java Implementation (pdf)  
Concurrency 1 (pdf)  
Concurrency 2 (pdf)  
Logic Programming  
Final review session (pdf)  

Click here to access the 2006 slides.