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CS244A: Introduction to Computer Networks

Teaching Staff

Nick McKeown Professor: Nick McKeown
Tel: (650) 725-3641
Office: Gates Building 340
Office hours:
  Administrative Assistant: Ann Coulthard
Tel: (650) 725-9077
Office: Gates Building 351
TA: Guido Appenzeller
Office hours:
Monday 4:30-6:30PM in B08
TA: Ben Nham
E-mail: nham at cs dot stanford dot edu
Office hours:
Thursday 4:30-6:30PM in B08
TA: Peter Pawlowski
Office hours:
Tuesday 4:30-6:30PM in B08

TAs will answer questions on the CS244a newsgroup posted from 12pm to 12am on their assigned days. The TAs' schedule is listed below:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Peter Clay Ben Guido Peter Ben Guido

CS244A / Winter 2008