CS 244E: Wireless Networking

Static Source Routing
Due: 4/13
Handout: LINK

In this assigment, you'll get up to speed using Click by writing a simple Click program that forwards packets using source routing. The source routes are static.

Project Proposal
Due: 4/22
Handout: PDF

This assignment is a proposal for the final project.

Project Proposal Presentation
Due: 4/29
Handout: PDF

This assignment is a short presentation to the class on your project. The goal is to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement as well as practice in giving presentations.

Project Presentation
Due: 6/1
Handout: PDF

This assignment is a short presentation on your project, where you present your results and lessons learned.

Due: 6/7
Handout: PDF

Your handin for your project is a 6 page paper describing your work. The paper should clearly state the problem you tried to solve, the approaches you used, the technical challenges in those approaches, your results, how it builds on prior work, and areas of future work.