Mining Massive Data Sets: Hadoop Labs
Winter 2016
This course is designed to give students a practical understanding of the tools in the Hadoop ecosystem with a focus on understanding MapReduce anh Spark. The focus of this course is on the practical application of big data technologies, rather than on the theory behind them.
This is a partner course to CS246: Mining Massive Datasets and includes limited additional assignments.
The course is adapted from the professional courses taught by Cloudera.


Important course information will be posted on this web page and announced in class. You are responsible for all material that appears here and should check this page for updates frequently.

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Tuesdays 15:00-16:20 in NVidia Auditorium, Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center.

Watch video lectures on SCPD (any Stanford student can see them here).


Daniel Templeton, Cloudera
Office Hours: By arrangement

Jure Leskovec
Office Hours: Wednesdays 9-10am, Gates InfoLab Lab

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