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Analysis of SuperSEAD: A secure Ad Hoc Routing Protocol

Aaron Staple
Mukund Sundararajan


Modeling Entropy in Onion Routing Networks

Anthony Giardullo
Danish Lakhani


Windows Protocol Analysis: MSCHAP & Friends

Charles-Henri Gros
David Haley
Bob Lisanke 
Clovis Schaff


Analysis of 4-way handshake protocol in IEEE 802.11i

Changhua He


iKP protocol family

Christopher Hsu


Analysis of an Internet Voting Protocol

Dale Neal
Garrett Smith


Analysis of the SILC Protocol using Murphi

Frederick Akalin
Siu Hong Yuen


XML Security

Jun Yoshida


An Electronic Voting Protocol (revisited)

Paul Valiant


Analysis of an Anonymous Fair Exchange Protocol

Adam Barth
Andrew Tappert


Last updated: November 19, 2004.