Familiarity with computational biology at the level of CS262, CS274, or BIOC218.

Related events
The following is a list of related events (seminars, talks, etc.) that take place on-campus. We strongly encourage you to explore them; if you are aware of any other events not listed here, please let us know.

9/27/07Gill's talk at CS300 (Hewlett 103, 4:15pm-5:00pm)
9/28Introductory Biology Primer (Clark S361, 9:00am)
10/3Gill speaking at Talks in English (Clark S360, 3:30pm)
10/5Introductory Biology Primer (Clark S362, 9:00am)
10/5UCSC Genome Browser Tools (Gates 200, 1:00pm)

Autumn 2007/2008 Schedule
This was the schedule for the Autumn 2007/2008 offering of CS273a.

19/24/07Introduction (Gill) 
29/26DNA Sequencing (Serafim) 
310/1DNA Sequencing (cont.) (Serafim) 
410/3Sequencing and Assembly (Serafim)HW 1 out
510/8UCSC Code Tree; Genome Variation & Assemblies; Repeats (Gill) 
610/10Vertebrate Comparative Genomics; Sequence Conservation and Function; Chains & Nets (Gill) 
710/15Genome Assemblies (Serafim) 
810/17Genome Evolution (Serafim)HW 1 due

HW1 Solution

HW 2 out


910/22Synteny; Motif Discovery (Serafim) 
1010/24Doug Menke, Kingsley Lab, Stanford 
1110/29Human Genes; Vertebrate Gene Cis-Regulation (Gill) 
1210/31Vertebrate Gene Cis-Regulation (continued) (Gill)HW 2 due
1311/5Insulators; Regulatory Potential (Gill) 
1411/7Nadav Ahituv, UC San Francisco 
1511/12Transcription; Structural RNAs (Gill) 
1611/14(Serafim)Project out
1711/26Ultraconservation (Gill) 
1912/3Craig Lowe, Haussler Lab, UC Santa Cruz 
2012/5Project Presentations