Course Description
Genomes are the ultimate biological information medium, carrying the key instructions for every organism's development, life-cycle, and reproduction. In this course we will study genomes from a bioinformatics perspective. We will cover advances in our understanding of biology that have resulted from recent sequencing of the human and dozens of related organisms. Topics will include: (1) genome sequencing: technologies, assembly, personalized sequencing; (2) functional landscape: genes, regulatory modules, repeats, RNA genes; (3) genome evolution: evolutionary processes, comparative genomics, ultraconservation, exaptation. As time permits, we may cover population genetics and personalized genomics, ancient DNA, metagenomics, or other current topics.

Introductory Bio and CS Sessions
The following is a list of introductory sessions for students unfamiliar with (or just wanting a refresher lecture on) biology and computer science to the depth necessary to make the course enjoyable. All sessions will take place in Beckman B-302 (where lecture is held) from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Date Subject
9/26 Introductory Biology Primer
10/3 UCSC Genome Browser Tools
10/10 Introduction to Text Processing