Course Description
Introduction to computational biology through an informatic exploration of the human genome. Topics include: genome sequencing (technologies, assembly, personalized sequencing); functional landscape (genes, gene regulation, repeats, RNA genes, epigenetics); genome evolution (comparative genomics, ultraconservation, co-option). Additional topics may include population genetics, personalized genomics, and ancient DNA. Course includes primers on molecular biology, the UCSC Genome Browser, and text processing languages. Guest lectures from genomic researchers.

Introductory Bio and CS Sessions
The following is a list of introductory sessions for students unfamiliar with (or just wanting a refresher lecture on) biology and computer science to the depth necessary to make the course enjoyable. All sessions will take place in Beckman B-200 from 10:00am-11:00am.

Date Subject
9/27 Introductory Biology Primer
10/4 UCSC Genome Browser Tools
10/11 Introduction to Text Processing

As the quarter progresses, the following schedule will be updated accordingly. Please check back often for the latest material. Homework related materials require a SUNet ID and password for registered students. If you are auditing the class and want access to these materials, please email the staff mailing list.

19/23Serafim: Introduction 
29/25Serafim: DNA sequencing 
39/30Gill: Genome Content - Protein Coding Genes 
410/2Gill: RNA Genes, Gene Exp. Measurement & Enrichment TestsHW1 Out
510/7Gill: Transcription Regulation I 
610/9Serafim: Human Population Genomics 
710/14Serafim: Human Population Genomics II 
810/16Gill: Transcription Regulation II 
910/21Gill: Repetitive ElementsHW2 Out
1010/23Gill: Comparative Genomics IMid term feedback
1110/28Gill: Comparative Genomics II 
1210/30Serafim: Cancer Genomics 
1311/4Serafim: Human Population Genomics III 
1411/6Serafim: Multiple Sequence Alignment I 
1511/11Gill: Evolutionary Genomics 
1611/13Gill: Functional Genomics 
1711/18Serafim: Multiple Sequence Alignment II 
1811/20Serafim: Functional Elements in the Human GenomeMilestone report due Friday
1912/2Gill: Recapitulation 
2012/4Serafim+Gill+CAs: Project Presentations(Lunch Provided)