Spring 2006/2007 Schedule
This was the schedule for the Spring 2006/2007 offering of CS273a.

14/3/07Introduction; UCSC Genome Browser & Table Browser 
24/5UCSC Code Tree; Genome Variation & Assemblies; Repeats 
34/10DNA Sequencing 
44/12DNA Sequencing (cont.)HW 1 out
54/17Genome Assemblies 
64/19UCSC Known Genes (by Jim Kent) 
74/24Vertebrate Comparative Genomics 
84/26Genome EvolutionHW 1 due

HW 2 out

95/1Genes and Gene Regulation 
105/3Transcription Regulation in Vertebrates 
115/8Whole Genome Motif Discovery 
125/10Gene Finding and Cis Regulatory ElementsHW 2 due
135/15Insulators in the Human Genome  
145/17Co-option in the human genomeProject out
155/22Human population genetics 
165/24Vertebrate Comparative Genomics (by Ivan Ovcharenko) 
175/29Ancestral Reconstruction (by Jian Ma) 
185/31Chains & Nets; Non-coding transcripts 
206/12Final Project Presentations (3:30pm, S361)