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Class Meetings

The class' first meeting was on Wednesday 11th January morning. This class will not have regularly scheduled lectures. So if you would like to take CS294B but had missed the first meeting, please email to let us know.

Teaching Staff

Instructor: Andrew Ng
Office: Gates 156
Phone: (650)725-2593
Fax: (650)725-1449

TA: Jimmy Zhang
Office: Gates 256
Office hours: Mondays 4-5pm (tentative).
Phone: (650)291-3990

Thanks also to: Anya Petrovskaya, Rajat Raina, and Ashutosh Saxena.

Course Overview

This is a project course, with no homeworks and no lectures. We will spend the quarter working on different research projects related to the STAIR (STanford AI Robot) project.

Specifically, students will work in teams on different aspects of STAIR, such as computer vision, robot navigation, mapping, robot manipulation, spoken dialog, NLP, and robot building (hardware). The goal is to have each team do a publishable piece of research work on STAIR.

We will discuss project ideas during the first class meeting. An initial list of project suggestions is also given here, though students are also welcome to propose their own projects.


Important dates


CS294B/CS294W can be used to satisfy the CS undergraduate program's senior project requirement. In addition, CS294W can be used to satisfy the WIM requirement.

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