CS340V: Networked Systems for Virtual Worlds

The coursework focus of is CS340V a research project of publishable quality. Virtual worlds raise many networked systems issues, including object storage, consistency, addressing, migration, and routing. Each week has two class meetings. In the Tuesday meeting, we'll go over a pair of papers, one presented by the instructors, which everyone reads, and one presented by a student. The Thursday meeting is a lab, where people working on the Meru virtual world platform help students with the code base and system design.

Paper readings and lectures are staggered, so that we read papers the week after some introductory material to provide context.

Each student is responsible for writing a short summary of the papers the instructors present, which must be sent to the instructor and TA before 12:01 AM of the day the paper is discussed. The summary should be less than 500 words, articulate the key contributions of the paper, note important weaknesses with respect to virtual worlds, and postulate how the paper's ideas could be applied to virtual worlds. Each student can miss one writeup; when you do this, still send email, but say that you're taking your freebie.

Date Topic Assignment Due
9/23 Lecture: Introduction and Networking
  • Architecture proposal (writeups due 9/25)
  • 9/30 Lecture: Consistency
  • Instructor paper: Structured Streams
  • Student paper: DCCP (Tahir)
  • 10/7 Lecture: Consistency Models Project Proposal
  • Instructor paper: ACID and recovery
  • Student paper: BASE
  • 10/14 Lecture: Transactions and Relaxing Consistency
  • Instructor paper: Chubby
  • Student paper: Paxos
  • 10/21 Lecture: Game Architectures
  • Instructor paper: Sinfonia
  • Student paper: Dynamo
  • 10/28 Lecture: Peer-to-Peer
  • Instructor paper: Donnybrook
  • Student paper: Colyseus
  • 11/4 Lecture: Geometry
  • Instructor paper: Chord
  • Student paper: DHT geometry
  • 11/11 Lecture: Migration
  • Instructor paper: R-Trees
  • Student paper: Obb-Tree
  • 11/18 Lecture: Project Presentations Project Presentation
  • Instructor paper: DHash
  • Student paper: Non-transitivity, Slow nodes
  • 11/25 Turkey Day
    12/2 Lecture: Network Architecture Project Report
  • Instructor paper: Internet Indirection Infrastructure