Course Information


cs347 is a graduate-level introduction to distributed data management. The course is of 3 units and can be taken for a letter grade or CR/NC.

The course offers an introduction to distributed data management. The material addressed in the course includes:

  • Distributed database design

  • Query processing and optimization in distributed databases

  • Concurrency control and reliability

  • Data replication

  • Data integration

  • Peer-to-peer systems

  • Distributed information retireval


cs145 and cs245.

The course assumes familiarity with the functional aspects of databases (covered in cs145) and knowledge of database system implementation techniques, including the basic understanding of transactions, concurrency control, etc. (covered in cs245).


Lectures are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:50pm to 2:05pm in Gates B01. The lectures are televised and available through SCPD.

Staff contact

The best way to contact us is via email:


There is no required textbook for the course. However, some of the lecture topics are drawn from the following optional textbook that you might find useful to skim over: M. Tamer Ozsu and Patrick Valduriez, Principles of Distributed Database Systems (Third Edition), Springer, 2011.


There will be around 5 assignments that contribute a total of 20% to the final grade. There will be no programming assignment (project).

You should submit the assignments in class. SCPD students should submit their homeworks to along with a homework route form which can be downloaded here. The homework will be logged and sent to the department for grading. Once the homework has been graded the SCPD will return the materials to you via email to the email address on the homework route form. In addition to this, you can email the solution to or as well.

Honor code: In general, you should act according to the Stanford Honor Code and submit your own work. In particular, you may and are encouraged to discuss the topic of specific problems with others in a general way. However, you are expected to solve the problems by yourself. You are allowed to use any available inanimate source of information (in addition to the lecture notes and the textbook).


Midterm exam: The midterm exam will be given in-class on April 30, 2014. The exam is open-book, open-laptop (that is, any inanimate source of information is allowed). The midterm exam contributes 30% to the final grade.

Final exam: The final exam will be on June 6, 2014 (8:30am–11:30am) at Gates Building B01. While the exam will likely be shorter than 3 hours, please do reserve the full period just in case. The final exam is open-book, open-laptop, and is based on all the material covered in the lectures (including guest lectures). The final exam contributes 50% to the final grade.