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Welcome to the website for CS377S: Designing Applications that See.

The class is offered during Winter Quarter 2007-2008 and meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am-12:30pm in Wallenberg 120.

  • Mar 11: The requirements for the Final Project Report have been posted. The deadline has been extended to Thursday, Mar 20.
  • Mar 11: The Final Project Fair is almost here! It will be held on Monday, March 17 from 7:00PM to 10:00PM in Wallenberg Hall.
  • Feb 14: The team sign-up form is now online. Please register your team before next Tuesday's class.
  • Feb 13: Assignment #3 is now available. It is due in lecture on Tuesday, Feb 26.
  • Feb 7: The sample input videos and sample connection frameworks used in the Eyepatch tutorial are available in the CS377S code directory.
  • Jan 31: The source code, project files, and input files used in the OpenCV tutorial are available in the CS377S code directory.
  • Jan 29: The Interim Course Evaluation Form is now online. Please complete this anonymous evaluation — your feedback will help make CS377S a better course.
  • Jan 29: Assignment #2 is now available. It is due in lecture on Tuesday, Feb 5.
  • Jan 24: Code examples from the Processing tutorial are available.
  • Jan 18: You can download the source code used in the Matlab tutorial.
  • Jan 17: The time and date of the Final Project Fair have been set. It will be held in Wallenberg Hall on Monday, March 17th, from 7:00pm- 10:00pm. Mark your calendars!
  • Jan 15: Assignment #1 is now available. It is due in lecture on Tuesday, Jan 22.
  • Jan 9: Lecture slides from the first lecture are now linked from the course calendar. Assignment #1 will be available on Tuesday, Jan 15. It is due in lecture on Tuesday, Jan 22.
  • Jan 8: The course sign-up sheet is now available. Please fill it out before Thursday's lecture if you intend to take the course. The readings for the lecture are linked from the course calendar.
Course Description

CS377S introduces students to computer vision and image processing from an interaction design standpoint. In readings, lectures, discussions, and interdisciplinary team projects, the course focuses on applying techniques from computer vision to the design of interactive systems.

In addition to covering the history and basic principles of computer vision, the course will examine some ways in which it has been applied to human-computer interaction, and the unique set of challenges and opportunities that this presents. Rather than focusing on the complex mathematical details of computer vision algorithms, students will learn the practical details of how these methods can be used effectively in real systems, and be shown how to make use of existing computer vision tools and libraries.


CS377S is primarily intended for Masters-level students and advanced undergraduates. We are looking for students from a variety of relevant disciplines, including computer science, product design, management science, communication, education, and business. Students are expected to have a basic background in their discipline (e.g., CS247, MS&E280, ME313, ED229a, etc.).

Although some programming experience is beneficial, the course does not require a technical background, and is relevant to anyone interested in design, HCI, and computer vision.

How to Get Started

Take a look at the syllabus for a more detailed description of the course. The assignments page describes the required coursework, and the materials page lists the course readings. Check out the resources page for links to computer vision tools, reference materials, and examples of cool computer vision projects.

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