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General Information

CS377S has three types of coursework requirements.

Readings: Readings are assigned to correspond to each lecture topic. Students should complete the readings before lecture and be prepared to participate in class discussion of the readings.

Individual Assignments: Three individual assignments are required during the first half of the quarter. Each of these assignments has a written portion and an implementation portion. The written portions involve reflection and idea generation based on the assigned readings. The implementation portions are mini-projects that allow students to become familiar with various computer vision tools and techniques.

Project Assignments: During the second half of the quarter, students will form project teams and build a working prototype of a computer vision-based interactive system. This five-week design project includes four milestones: an initial written project proposal, two intermediate checkpoints, and a final presentation and written report.


All assignments are due in class on the date specified.

Individual Assignments
Course Sign-up Due Jan 10
Assignment #1 Due Jan 22
Assignment #2 Due Feb 5
Assignment #3 Due Feb 26
Team Assignments
Team Registration Due Feb 14
Project Proposal Due Feb 21
Project Checkpoint #1 Due Feb 28
Project Checkpoint #2 Due Mar 6
Project Checkpoint #3 Due Mar 13
Final Report Due Mar 17
Interim Course Evaluation Due Feb 7
Final Team Evaluation Due Mar 17

Students will be graded on the group project, short individual assignments, and class participation, weighted as follows:

  • 30% Project Presentation: (team grade) Strength of project concept and implementation, novelty of approach, and appropriateness of scope.
  • 20% Project Report: (team grade) Explanation of your ideas, motivation, and related work.
  • 30% Individual Assignments: Each individual assignment involves a short written component based on the readings and a mini-project or implementation exercise.
  • 20% Participation: Attendance at lectures and team feedback sessions is required and will be reflected in your participation grade.

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