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Visualization Design

Cereal Dashboard.png

Design Description

This visualization is designed to help people to see and understand the different cereal brands, especially from a nutrition facts perspective, so that they can make informed decisions when purchasing breakfast cereals.

From top to bottom, the three charts gradually reveal more details to users. The bar chart on the top shows the average rating of each brand with friendly color encoding. This chart helps people get a general sense of the customer satisfaction rate of each brand, which gives them some background information before they dive into more nutrition details. The bold colors also help users build the association between brands and colors, so that they can navigate through the entire dashboard efficiently.

The two box-and-whisker plots correspond to the standard US nutrition label divided into two sections, where the first section contains calories, sodium fat, carbohydrates, protein, and the second section contains other information. Such division makes it easy for people to consume the visualization as they usually read through a nutrition facts label in daily life, and the visualization highlights the critical information, such as fat and sodium, by displaying it in the center of the chart. By staking together the upper whisker, lower whisker, upper hinge, lower hinge and median of each nutrition category, it’s intuitive for users to understand in which range each brand falls in a category.