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FlatPDF: A PDF Visualizer and Reader to Encourage Nonlinear Reading

Group Members

  • Jordan Cazamias


FlatPDF is a web-based PDF reader intended to aid readers of digital content to perform tasks other than linear reading. All pages are represented on the screen at once in order, giving the user a stronger spatial sense of where they currently are in the document. It also includes a search visualization that allows for softer, multi-word queries, as well as a stack-based navigation system that allows users to move back and forth between recently visited pages. These features are intended to encourage the user to travel between distant sections of a document and feel confident knowing they can return to previous sections. FlatPDF is intended to serve as a reader and visualizer in one, where visualizations are directly embedded in the reading experience, and is open to extension via different interchangeable visualizations.

Project Progress Presentation

Final Deliverables