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Group Members

  • Katherine Ewell


I will be tackling the following problem from the "suggested projects" page: Traditional musical notation for western music has been roughly standardized for many centuries. Although modern staff notation is nearly universally used today, it might not be the most efficient and effective method of visualizing music. One project idea in this space is to develop a new musical notation technique that is demonstrably more effective/efficient in some way compared to traditional staff-based notation (it would be important to find the right set of users to evaluate the new notation).

I will attempt to explore the usefulness of the inherent mathematical relationships within music as a way to illustrate music--the current system can feel arbitrary and difficult to learn, and I hope that by simplifying and using visual representations with easily recognizable meanings, even first-time music-readers will be able to make more sense of written music.

Project Progress Presentation

Final Deliverables