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Group Members

  • Louis Brion


Visualizing data of a digital card game. I will be working with Vicious Syndicate to develop new visualizations for the different types of data they have on Hearthstone, a digital card game developed by Blizzard. Currently they release weekly metagame analysis reports with basic information about deck archetype matchups and their usage in competitive games. Compared to Magic the Gathering, a printed card game, data collection of this scale and type is available for the first time thanks to the digital format of the card game. I will be working to create new ways to visualize card data to better identify archetypes, predict their matchups, and see what other data could be useful to a player hoping to get a data driven advantage in their play.

Here is an example of one of their data reports where data and analysis are presented. For each 'class' there is a deck radar (example here) where there is an attempt to visualize the current "connections" between cards in popular decks being used. Feedback has shown that such a visualization isn't very helpful for making deckbuilding or gameplay decisions. I hope to extend or create a new visualization that will help in one of those areas.

Project Progress Presentation

Final Deliverables