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Sentiment Filters


Group Members

  • Yiju Hou
  • Noam Ben-Avi


Our group wants to leverage data visualization and sentiment analysis to improve content discovery and consumption experience on Reddit.

When reading through a long Reddit threads, we found it’s difficult to answer questions like, how did people feel about the election result, or how can I find out what the angry customers said about my product? To solve the problem, we are going to develop a Chrome browser plugin to help Reddit users discover, filter and read comments through 5-dimension sentiment analysis, including joy, fear, disgust, anger and sadness.

The Chrome plugin provides the following features:

  • Sentiment-based text highlighting with color encoding
  • Sentiment-based thread sorting
  • Dynamic font sizing by sentiment magnitude
  • Sentiment trend visualization to see how sentiments change over time
  • Multi-level sentiment aggregation by time and thread

Project Progress Presentation

Literature Review

A background survey of related work and a full list of references.

Background Research

Project Plan

Development Plan

Final Deliverables


Demo Day Poster


Github Repo