Using Space Effectively: 2D

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  • Graphical Methods for Data Presentation: Full Scale Breaks, Dot Charts, and Multibased Logging. Cleveland. (jstor)
  • Multi-Scale Banking to 45 Degrees. Heer & Agrawala. (pdf)
  • Chapter 11: The Cartogram: Value-by-Area Mapping. In Cartography: Thematic Map Design. Dent (pdf)

Optional Readings

  • An Empirical Model of Slope Ratio Comparisons. Talbot et al. (html)
  • Pad++: A zooming graphical interface for exploring alternate interface physics, Bederson & Hollan (acm)
  • Generalized fisheye views, Furnas. (acm)
  • Hyperdimensional data analysis using parallel coordinates, Wegman (jstor)
  • A framework for unifying presentation space, Carpendale & Montagnese. (acm)
  • Nomography
  • Cartogram central