Teen Health in Central America

TeenSmart International

The Situation

TeenSmart currently offers Online Health Services to Teens in Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico). Their core product includes:
  • Online Self Assessments
  • Online Health Courses
  • Online Counseling with Volunteering Professionals
  • Traditionally TeenSmart has delivered these services via Desktops in Computer Labs of local schools and churches. Increasingly TeenSmart’s services are being accessed by individuals who are accessing the services directly (20% of users) via mobiles.

    The Project

    In order to prepare for the future demand, TeenSmart would like to develop mobile applications that will enable individual Teens to access the Online Health Services from smartphones. You will develop a working prototype for “Mobile Mentor”, an automated online mentoring service for TeenSmart mobile users.

    Level 1:
    The baseline deliverable will need to accomplish two tasks:
  • Allow mobile users to register and perform an introductory self-assessment via a 13 question survey.
  • Allow mobile users to subscribe to a series of personalized “cues to action”. For instance some users might like a reminder of their pledge to keep away from alcohol on a Friday evening. Users would like control both the frequency and nature of personalized messages they wish to receive.

  • Level 2:
  • Gamify the cues to action: link user activity to a basic evaluation system of use, satisfaction, and impact.

  • Level 3: Creating Community Forums
  • Allow mobile users to access existing counseling services via the app (via non synchronous messaging)

  • Recommended Skills:
  • React, React Native, iOS, and/or Android Development
  • Database skills (nice to have)