Empowering Underserved Students

One Jump

The Situation

The creation of OneJump was inspired by the slogan "Only 1 in 10 students from low-income neighborhoods will graduate from college. If this upsets you, do something about it". Currently, there is a massive disparity between students in lower and higher income brackets when it comes to college applications, as well as extracurricular opportunities.

What We Do

One Jump exists to close the opportunity gap by curating, connecting, and sponsoring enrichment opportunities for underserved students. Many students today aspire to go to college, but do not have access to the same opportunities that others do, due to a payment and opportunity gap. OneJump aims to solve this problem by providing underprivileged kids with great extracurricular and summer enrichment opportunities. OneJump allows underprivileged kids to explore their passions by helping provide access to extracurricular activities and opportunities to explore what you are interested in, regardless of your background. OneJump provides the chance to many to truly discover what they care about: from business to science to sports.

What we have done to date

OneJump has grown quickly. The platform has nearly 3,000 student users in more than 164 schools in 23 states in addition to more than 135 teachers and counselors. That said, there's still a lot of work to be done. Many students are still not provided the opportunities they need to explore their passions and the chance to consider going to college.

How You Can Help

One Jump would like to create a mobile application for iOS. The primary features would include a database search, a messenger, and a dashboard with user profile information. This mobile application would help OneJump connect with many of their younger users who primarily access the internet through mobile devices. Additionally, the messenger component of the OneJump app would help facilitate communication between mobile users and opportunities provided by OneJump, while the database search and dashboard would help users gain the full functionality of OneJump's website.

Level 1: Design and Core Functionality
Design and develop an app with the features described in the above section. The application would include a database search, a messenger, and some sort of user profile that could store specific information. The messenger functionality would consist of being able to send the user messages and alerts when they sign up for something or subscribe for opportunities on the website. The dashboard would present opportunities to the user. A database search would allow the user to search for opportunities.

Level 2: Expanding User Profiles
The app could be expanded to include extensive user profiles. OneJump has a profile system in place right now, but much more information could be included in order to help better match users to opportunities that are a good fit. Users could include more information about their interests and skills, for example.

Level 3: Creating Community Forums
OneJump is currently thinking about designing and creating a discussion forum for their website. This discussion forum could be incorporated into the app and would allow users to communicate with each other and post opportunities and ideas.

Recommended Skills
  • Interest in social impact and helping close the opportunity gap.
  • Interest in design and implementation of mobile applications, especially iOS/Swift/Objective C and the Xcode interface.
  • Experience with Android or cross-platform development is also helpful.
  • The drive to succeed both independently and willingness to collaborate and learn with a small team as you work with OneJump.