Empowering Youth

SF Peer Resources

The Situation

The California Healthy Kids Survey found that 1 in 10 San Francisco Unified School District 9th graders believe there are no opportunities for meaningful participation at school, that 4 in 10 report being sexually harassed at school, and that 1 in 3 students report having rumors or lies spread about them. Schools also face systemic issues: African American and Latino students make up 3 in 10 students in San Francisco public schools, and at the same time represent 7 out of every 10 suspensions in the school district; SFUSD is both the highest performing urban school district in California and also the urban school district with the largest achievement gap–that is, the gap in test scores between white and Asian students and African American and Latino students.

To change the daily barriers students face, and to fundamentally transform the institutional barriers students of color in particular face, Peer Resources trains young people to be the change itself.

Who We Are

Peer Resources empowers youth to engage with one another and school, to create positive school climate, and to change the system so there is justice for all their peers. The Peer Leaders Program includes middle and high school programming via a school-day academic elective for non-traditional leaders, training 700 youth leaders to serve 16,000 peers, Youth Council, our city-wide youth leadership body, as well as the Educator Pathway Program, which aims to grow youth into homegrown educator leaders. The Educator Pathway Program includes the high school Educator Pathway, a career pathway that provides work-based learning and college credit to high school Peer Leaders, the Alumni Intern Program, and the San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition. These programs empower youth as agents of change and work to transform schools into youth empowerment institutions.

The Project

Peer Resources’ website is a place where allies, alumni, donors, and the general public engage with our organization. However, the website is largely out of date and does not currently load well on mobile devices (you can check it out here: Your project will be to revamp the site so that their new website is more accessible, easy to edit, and up to date.

Level 1: Website Revamp

Your first task will be to recreate the basic functionality of Peer Resources’ current website in a more up to date framework. Currently, the site exists as an outdated wordpress website. Your task will be to migrate the current wordpress website to a more modern framework (such as React.js or the MEAN stack). Your new website should also load correctly on mobile devices.

Level 2: Adding Social Media Features

Additionally, Peer Resources would like their website to have a social media feed to display their most recent posts on their FB, Instagram, and Twitter pages! This will help visitors better engage with the happenings of the organization. This task will also include adding an updated (non-broken) link for people to subscribe to Peer Resources’ existing newsletter.

Level 3: Add Ability for Administrators to Edit Page

Perhaps one of the most important things right now is that Peer Resources cannot currently update their current website’s content. If time permits, we’d also like to add a user-friendly administrator login/dashboard that allows Peer Resources to edit the pictures and content of their page without requiring the need to edit code directly.

Recommended Skills:
  • Web Development (HTML/CSS/Javascript)