Community Building and Sustainable Tourism

Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga (GK) ("to give care" in Tagalog) is a Philippine NGO that builds self-sufficient communities. To date, Gawad Kalinga has built over 2,000 communities across the Philippines, which house over 60,000 families that were previously living in slums.

The work doesn’t stop there though. In order to ensure that these communities do not slip back into the cycle of poverty, Gawad Kalinga has been developing social enterprises that provide income and new opportunities for the community members. For example, Human Nature is one of the largest beauty and home-care product retailers in the Philippines and was started by Anna Meloto, the daughter of GK’s founder, Tony Meloto. Human Nature currently employs hundreds of GK community members and maintains their mission to “pay dignified wages while producing sustainable, safe and world-class products”.

This is a unique opportunity to learn how social entrepreneurship can alleviate families and communities out of poverty.

The Problem : Both Gawad Kalinga and MAD Travel do not have a structured system for keeping track of ongoing and proposed volunteer projects. An example of such a volunteer project is in the GK Maribojoc community where the community has created their own peanut butter spread. In order to push sales however, the community needs a graphic designer who can help with designing the packaging to make the product more appealing for market.

Currently, tools such as Facebook posts and Facebook comments are used to keep track of who is working on what volunteer project, which makes it very hard for MAD Travel’s lean team to determine which projects are on track and which ones aren’t.
Level 1:

Create a website where Mad Travel and GK can post volunteer projects and where volunteers can sign up for them. Multiple volunteers should be able to sign up for one project to encourage collaboration! The website should be Facebook login integrated for added ease of use. GK & MAD Travel should also be able to easily add new volunteer projects and see which volunteers have signed up for which projects.

Level 2:

Each project should have a dashboard where volunteers can post progress reports. In particular, volunteers should be able to create timestamped progress-report posts and upload other relevant documents such as images and pdfs.

Level 3:

Users of the website should ideally have an option to donate to particular projects. If a project requires a certain amount of funding, this should be displayed as well as how much money has already been donated.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to working with you.