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Building Social Impact Projects

Course Overview

What is Studio?

CS+Social Good Studio is a 10-week program (2-unit class winter quarter) where you will design, prototype, and implement a social impact project. A preliminary challenge statement will be provided by your team's community impact partner. You will also have the support of design and technical mentors working in industry.

The purpose of Studio is to give you a deeper understanding of the social issues in our surrounding community, as well as give you the tools and resources you need to help solve some of these issues.

Teams are highly encouraged to continue their projects in the Spring under CS 199 (Independent Study).

Giving shouldn't be a one way street

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Establish lasting connections to domain partners, industry experts, mentors, and like-minded peers.



Gain a deeper understanding of the social sector of interest through rigorous need-finding and empathy work with your community impact partner.



Hone your human-centered design thinking principles through an entire product development lifecycle.



Sharpen your tech implementation skills and expand your prototyping toolkit.

How it works

Support Network


Community Partner

Your team's community partner will provide you with a preliminary challenge statement, domain knowledge, as well as access to potential users that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Design Mentor

Your design mentor will support and provide weekly coaching throughout the human-centered design process (needfinding, synthesis, prototyping etc.).


Technical Mentor

Your technical mentor will provide advice and coaching on the technology development process (stack architecture, front-end/back-end, web-dev etc.).



We believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Not only will you hone your human centered design thinking principals, but you will also have the oportunity to learn about and contribute to other teams' projects throughout the quarter.



In the final 3 weeks of the quarter, your team will implement a minimum viable product. Based on the quality and clarity of your concept, your team will have the opportunity to more fully implement your project during the spring quarter.


Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Civic Engagement (Housing Advocacy)

Help build tools for housing organization partners and journalists to access eviction history data


Education (Summer Slide)

Help engage students in educational applications during the summer, where many students experience a “summer slide”

LinkedIn for Good

Education (Mentorship)

Help underserved youth build a career mentor network.

Promote nutrition education in the low-income community and help increase consumption of distributed healthy food

Help underserved youth access educational resources in technology

Mobilize college students and young professionals as “digitalimpact” ambassadors, leading global change on safe, ethical, and effective use of digital data for social good.

Partner Bio Book


Design Mentors

Tito Balsamo

Sr UX Designer, Apple

Marina Broido

UX Designer, Cisco

Allen Cai

Sr UX Designer, Palantir

Sarah Fathallah

Sr Design Strategist, SAP

Jason Mayden

Designer/Entrepreneur In-Residence, Accel Partners

Niveen Sayeed

Sr UX Researcher, Prezi

Dassi Shusterman

Director of UX, Blurb

Juhi Singh

Sr Design Strategist, SAP

Technical Mentors

Jerry Cain

CS Lecturer, Stanford

Jessie Duan

Product Engineer, Quora

Nathan Eidelson

Software Engineer, Airtable

Dmitri Gaskin

CTO & Co-founder, Branch Metrics

Sam King

Software Engineer, Nuna

Derrick Staten

Sofware Engineer, Branch Metrics

General Mentors

Amy Liu

Design Lead, CS + Social Good

Patrick Schmitt

Prior Head of Innovation & Strategy, Change.org

Justin Sayarath

Senior Analyst, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers

Cathy Zhu

Sofware Engineer, Palantir

Mentor Bio Book

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