Leadership of Technology Ventures

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Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)

Engineering 140A   Spring 2014

Engineering 140B  
Summer 2014

Engineering 140C  
Autumn 2014


As a three-quarter sequence of courses designed exclusively for the Mayfield Fellows, "E140 - Leadership of Technology Ventures" is focused on developing an understanding of the issues and techniques for growing emerging technology companies. This distinguishes it from those which focus on business plan writing to enable the actual formation of a venture. For courses open to all students, visit the Stanford Technology Ventures Program site.

The course sequence guides participants through a range of issues faced by management in building and leading a new enterprise. These include product and market strategy development, venture financing and cash flow management, culture and team building, innovation and creativity, real-time decision making and leadership, and the overall challenges of managing growth and handling adversity.

The E140 sequence is a required part of the Mayfield Fellows Program. MFP is a work/study program that allows outstanding Stanford engineering students to engage in both the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. Admission to the Mayfield Fellows Program is selective and requires an application submitted in January for the coming year. E140 is part of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, the entrepreneurship center within the Stanford University School of Engineering, which consists of a series of integrated courses, conferences, internships, workshops, and research activities designed to promote entrepreneurship education.

Taught in the spring, E140A seeks to expose students to the "theory" of entrepreneurship including its essential tools, frameworks, and models. E140B augments the summer work experience at a start-up through "practice." Credit for E140B is awarded in the autumn quarter. During the third and final quarter, E140C provides a chance to reflect on the key lessons learned throughout the year.

Students: 2014 Mayfield Fellows

Teaching Team:
Role Name Office Phone Email
Co-Director Tom Byers 346 Huang 650-725-8271
Co-Director Tina L. Seelig 003 Huang 650-725-1627
Teaching Assistant Moritz Sudhof - 469-684-0374
Admin. Assistant Yvonne Hankins 339C Huang 650-725-0550