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E140A - Session 2

MFP Job Search


This class period will be devoted to discussing the job search process. We will be joined by some MFP alumni who will share their advice and insights into the interviewing process.

Required Readings (Policy on Required Readings.)

Study Questions (Policy on Study Questions.)

  1. After reading through the Information for Employers, is there any information that you think is missing from this page? Imagine you were an employee at a startup. What information would you want to see on this page?
  2. Peruse the listing of previous companies and the database listing mentor companies interested in hiring Fellows for the summer. Are there types of companies that you would like to see more of?
  3. What questions do you have that were not answered by the web pages? Bring these questions to class and be prepared to ask questions of the past Mayfield Fellows.

Assignment (Policy on Assignments.)

Login into the MFP Forum. Under the session assignment topic answer the following questions:

1) The industry or industries that interest you.

2) Job positions you would like to consider

3) Any companies that you have already identified as potential mentor companies.

4) On the following scale, how far along are you in the job search?

1: Haven't started the search
2: Have identified companies of interest
3: Have contacted companies of interest
4: Have had a few interviews
5: Have had several interviews
6: Have a job offer
7: Have accepted a job!