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myMFP Learning Portfolio Assignment

Portfolio Overview:
Mayfield Fellows develop and maintain an online learning portfolio to capture, reflect, and summarize their experiences and key takeaways during the 9-month program. The goal of this portfolio project is to encourage reflection on the different MFP experiences and enhance the overall learning. The portfolios are hosted as weblogs (easily publishable personal websites) on the MFP Learning Portfolios Website which students post to often during the program.

Posts to the online portfolio include:
  1. Input Captures (minimum of one entry/week): You are encouraged to log the different sources of learning and inspiration during the quarter. Any links, documents, photos, etc. that served some purpose should go here. For example, you may run across an interesting online news article or an intriguing company website. We expect to see a minimum of one entry each week in this area. These posts can be as simple as a link with a brief annotation.

  2. Immediate Reflections (minimum of one entry/week): on what you’ve experienced in the program. This section is intended to be quick and dirty. The goal is to capture the emotions and instant reflections on a case study, a class, a meeting with a mentor, a discussion with another fellow, etc. You are asked to provide one brief entry after each class session (due before the start of the following class), and we encourage you to post other insights throughout the week. During the summer quarter, journals count as one ‘immediate reflection’ each week.

  3. Reflections on Classmates' Entries (minimum of one entry/week): The blog is intended to serve as a forum for "virtual" conversations. Thus, its success depends upon the extent to which you read and engage with others' thoughts. You are asked to post at least one entry per week that picks up on something that a classmate has posted and pushes the conversation further. (Take advantage of the "trackback" functionality on the blog site.)

  4. Broad Takeaways (one entry each in spring, summer and fall quarters): At the end of spring and fall quarters you are asked to post an entry to the online portfolio that summarizes your key takeaways from the quarter. This entry should be a well-founded reflection upon the reflections and inputs that were captured during the quarter. You are expected to review your previous posts and course materials when writing these entries.
Each student has been provided a pre-configured individual online weblog to host myMFP Learning Portfolio entries. Blogs are password protected to restrict access to the 12 Fellows and the teaching team. Commenting and discussion is encouraged across blogs, but please do not post confidential information.

"How To" and Access
Visit http://www.stanford.edu/class/e140/e140a/portfoliodirections.shtml for instructions on how to post
Visit https://www.stanford.edu/group/stvp/blog/ to access the MFP blog site

Details by Quarter:
This assignment is intended to be flexible and welcoming to creativity and new directions. Have fun with this! Here’s a more detailed look at what to expect of this project during each quarter:

Spring: In spring quarter, portfolios should serve as a net to capture inputs and immediate reflections to the cases and class sessions on the MFP site. Think of the portfolios of a “backup brain,” a storage space for your thoughts and reflections from the cases and experiences. During the quarter, you should get in the habit of updating your learning portfolios multiple times each week with inputs and reflections.

In addition to updating your portfolios, the final spring quarter deliverable will be a key takeaways entry that reflects on your learning to date. In session 19 you will present your key takeaways in class and will have an opportunity to discuss what was meaningful to you.

Summer: The summer focuses on more articulated weekly journals, while continuing the input capture and immediate reflections throughout the year. There are eight journal assignments during the summer quarter that should be posted to your portfolio. At the end of the summer, you are expected to post another set of key takeaways from the summer. This exercise of reflecting on the summer internships should serve to help you formulate a proposal for a presentation topic in the fall.

Fall: The fall focuses on reflection and “lessons learned.” While continuing to post immediate reflections and inputs to your portfolios, your final deliverable will be a post of key takeaways from the program. This time, the exercise will serve as a foundation for a final, open-ended presentation during the last week of class.

Spring Quarter Dates:
Session 2: Learning Portfolio Introduction, First Learning Portfolio Post Due
Session 10: Learning Portfolios Check-in during class.
Session 19: In-class Presentation of Key Takeaways and Portfolio Debriefing Session.

Encouragements: This assignment is about effective means of capturing experiences and then reflecting on them in a meaningful way. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Be creative! The technologies offered here are intended to get you started, but the ultimate creation should reflect your individual tastes and ideas. Feel free to integrate any media, experiences, or any supporting materials that would enhance your portfolio. The blogs can accommodate photos, hyperlinks, diagrams, etc.
  2. Collaborate! Your fellow class members have a diverse set of talents and perspectives. While each portfolio is an independent endeavor, you are encouraged to seek out each others opinions, comment on each others posts, etc.
  3. Relate it to life! You can think of the Mayfield Fellows Program as a lens on which to view other aspects of life. Many experiences and case studies have broader application, and you are encouraged to relate these.

Grading: The Learning Portfolios counts for 25% of the E140A grade, 50% of the E140B grade (via journals) and 20% of the E140C grade. These portfolios are intended to be a space for you to catalog and reflect on your experiences and enhance learning. We expect that you will make a concerted effort to consistently post throughout the quarter. Grades will be a qualitative assessment of your engagement in the assignment.