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E140A Student Teams
Spring Quarter

Student teamwork is one of the main teaching tools that is used to leverage the diversity of backgrounds. It has proved to be effective in accelerating the adjustment to case study learning and the theory presented in E140A.

Please be sure to have a look at the characteristics of effective teams as well as the characteristics of ineffective teams.

Study Groups

Group Members
1 Deanna Badizadegan, Josephine Chen, and Roberto Goizueta (The VIE-Kings)
2 Jordan Shapiro, Lauryn Isford, and Saam Motamedi (The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band)
3 Andrew Stutz, Thomissa Comellas, and Yael Wulfovich (The Great FlaTingos)
4 Melanie Goldstein, Michelle Lee, and John Yang-Sammataro (The Dent-Makers)

Study groups are responsible for getting together before each of the case sessions to discuss the Study Questions for that day. In addition, each study group will be responsible for making two Case Openings. See the Course Calendar for the individual session topics and dates for the case openings.