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Assignments for E140B - Leadership of Technology Ventures
All submissions are due by 9am on Tuesdays, unless otherwise noted.
Assignments should be posted to the MFP Forum.

Journal Topics / Discussion Threads

In your journal entries, be sure to provide enough details, but keep them succinct. Spend some time building compelling analyses and insights, but keep the posts short so that others can read and respond to them quickly. Strong journal entries use the key question as a starting point to share opinions. Strong journal entries also link to points made in other entries (either by the author or others) and they tie to other aspects of MFP, including E140A lessons. Feel free to talk with your fellow classmates, employees and mentors about any of the assignments before you craft your postings.

Journal entries are due by 9am on the date listed below. By Friday at 9am of the same week, you must add remarks to anywhere on the site (e.g., a new thread, a response to any of the formal assignments, a response to another posting altogether, etc.). We encourage responding to more than one posting, as the intent of the journals is to be just as much a discussion as a blog post.

Please do not share sensitive company information in your journals, and, as always, everything stays within the MFP group per our "contract" with each other.



The Technology and Business Model

July 2

Summer Survival Kit

July 9

Culture and Values

July 16

Creativity and Innovation

July 23

Reflection at the Midpoint

July 30

Measuring Success

August 6
August 13

Case Study Topics

August 20

Video or Book Reviews

September 20


In preparation for the summer journaling assignments, please peruse the following articles: