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E145 Case Analysis Guidelines

The case study is intended to give you an opportunity to apply the concepts of the course in the context of a "real" business situation.  Each of the cases are based on a key situation or event in the history of a high tech company.  The cases we will cover in E145 are:

Teams will be assigned to either the Monday group or the Wednesday group. They are responsible for submitting cases by 7PM only on their assigned day. To find out if you are a Monday or a Wednesday team, see the appropriate column on the Teams page. On specified days, students will be required to submit a case analysis to e145-homework@lists.stanford.edu.  Submissions should reflect an understanding of the critical issues of the case, integrate the material covered in class and present concise and well reasoned justification for the stance that the group takes.   Each case analysis should consist of:

Please read a description of the case method prepared by Fred Gibbons. For an additional perspective, read notes on the case method by K. Davis.

The total length of each case analysis should be no more than one page.   Team case assignments should be prepared as a team, but only one submission is required per group. Students may discuss individual case assignments with their group (and are encouraged to), but should submit their own work. Assignments should be submitted via e-mail no later than 9 am the morning of the corresponding session in class to the appropriate homework list.

In general, use a bullet-point format and keep the email short and concise.  The teaching team reads each response before class starts to optimize that session's learning environment. Grading is on a "plus(+)/check/minus(-)" basis. The instructors will often post several submissions to stimulate further on-line discussion.

We've had some problems with viruses in e-mail attachments, so we prefer your homework to be in the body of an e-mail if at all possible (unless we specifically ask for powerpoint slides, for example, or when you must include a table that will not work in e-mail). The e145 homework e-mail address has trouble accepting files over 100K in size, so keep this in mind as well.

Submission Format Guidelines

1.      PUT IN EMAIL HEADER: E145: Case Number, Case Name, Team Name
          i.e. E145: Case 1, AIR, The Randys

         Your assignment may not be graded if you do not format your subject line correctly.

2.            PUT IN CASE STUDY:

Style Guidelines for Online Submissions

Avoid common errors in online assignments, case analyses and other submissions, such as:

1.      Focusing too heavily on minor issues or those on which there are little data.

2.      Lamenting because of insufficient data in the case and ignoring creative alternatives.

3.      Rehashing of case data -- assume the reader knows the case.

4.      Not appropriately evaluating the quality of the case's data.

5.      Obscuring the quantitative analysis, making it difficult to understand.

6.      Typical "minus(-)" grades result from submissions that

o        are late

o        exceed the page limit

o        are not well integrated and lack clarity

o        do not address timing issues

o        do not recognize the cost implications or are not practical

o        get carried away with personal biases and are not pertinent to the key issues

o        are not thoroughly proofread and corrected.


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