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Session 2 Session 2

Session 2: September 24, 2008

Silicon Valley & Entrepreneurship

Quote of the Day

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." ~ Aristotle


What exactly is high-technology entrepreneurship? We will examine this process of creating and growing high potential ventures using several frameworks.

What exactly is Silicon Valley?  How has it been created?  What is unique about Silicon Valley, and what could be replicated in other regions of the world?  This session will examine the economic and cultural underpinnings of the center of technology entrepreneurship. We will also provide information on the Opportunity Analysis project.

In this session we will be clearing the admission waitlist (if necessary).  Please come to class with partial teams in mind.  Teams should be groups of 5 people each.  Keep in mind, these teams will remain the same for the remainder of the quarter, and will work very closely while discussing cases and completing the Opportunity Analysis Project. With that in mind, remember that the "best" teams (i.e.: the most creative, the most effective, the most fun, etc.) have diverse members -- different majors, genders, work experiences. Don't just pick your friends, you will learn more from working with people who aren't exactly like you and/or who don't agree with everything you say.

Approximately half of the E145 course will be comprised of students from National University of Singapore College of Silicon Valley.  The other half will be Stanford undergraduate students.  These young entrepreneurial leaders from across Asia are in Silicon Valley for their “junior year abroad.” They are all working full time in high tech startups, and taking one course each quarter at Stanford.  Professor Kosnik has been working with students from NCSV in has Stanford courses since 2002, and they are outstanding potential team mates.  In order for everyone in the course to have global entrepreneurial team experience, please insure that your team of 5 has at least two NUS students and at least two Stanford students on it.  Any exception must be approved y Professor Kosnik. 
We will have time at the end of class to finish completing your teams.  You must be on a team by the end of this session and inform the Course Assistants.

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Note: Attendance is mandatory in order to determine who on the waitlist is admitted to the course.

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See OAP project page.

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