Macroeconomics Seminar Fall 2019


Mondays 3:30-5:00, Knight Management Center, M105

Econ 310, Joint Seminar with GSB

Organizers: Adrien Auclert, Sebastian DiTella





Sept. 23

Jesús Fernandez-Villaverde, Penn

Financial Frictions and the Wealth Distribution

Sept. 30

Gregor Jarosch, Princeton

Granular Search, Market Structure, and Wages

Oct. 7

Paul Dolfen, Stanford

The Decline of the Labor Share: Markups, Markdowns or Technology?

Oct. 14

Sean Myers, Stanford

Public Employee Pensions and Municipal


Oct. 21

Ricardo De la O, Stanford

The Effect of Share Buybacks on Aggregate Investment

Oct. 28

Benjamin Moll, Princeton

Uneven Growth: Automation’s Impact on Income and Wealth Inequality (joint paper with Lukasz Rachel and Pascual Restrepo)

Nov. 4

Venky Venkateswaran, FRB Minneapolis and NYU Stern

Scalable Expertise (joint with David Argente, Sara Moreira and Ezra Oberfield)

Nov. 12, Departmental Seminar, GSB P107

Gita Gopinath, Harvard and IMF

Dominant Currency Paradigm

***Note that this seminar subsumes the Macro and Trade seminars originally scheduled for Nov. 13.***

Nov. 18

Iván Werning, MIT

Robots, Trade, and Luddism: A Sufficient Statistic Approach to Optimal Technology Regulation

Nov. 25

No seminar -Thanksgiving week


Dec. 2

Ezra Oberfield, Princeton

Plants in Space