EE 100: The Electrical Engineering Profession

Autumn 2007-2008

Lectures and discussions on topics of importance to the electrical engineering professional. Continuing education, professional societies, intellectual property and patents, ethics, entrepreneurial engineering, and engineering management (1 unit).

Instructor: Professor Robert M. Gray

TA: Raj Bhatnagar

Room: Packard EE Building, Room 101
Time: Mondays 4:15-5:05 p.m.

Attendance Policy: One absence allowed without prior approval. Additional absences require prior approval of the instructor or TA as well as attendence of an approved alternative seminar and submission of a hardcopy or email report of at least four pages summarizing the substitute seminar and describing its relevance to the electrical engineering profession.


(Subject to change)
  1. 24 September
    The Stanford EE Department and Student Resources
    Simon Wong, EE Vice Chair, and Tasha Newson, EE Academic Program Manager and Student Services Director
    Professor Wong's slides (corrected)
  2. 1 October
    Communication Skills
    Keith Devlin
    Media X, Executive Committee
    Executive Director, CSLI
    (aka the NPR Math guy)
  3. 8 October
    Graduate School and Admissions
    Fabian Pease, EE Associate Chair for Admissions
    Debby Brian, Director of EE Graduate Admissions
  4. 15 October
    Overseas Studies
    Norman Naimark, Director
    Bing Overseas Studies Program
  5. 22 October
    Engineering Management and the Entrepreneurial Engineer
    Fred Gibbons
  6. 29 October
    Undergraduate Research Opportunities
    Umran Inan
    Director, STARLab
  7. 5 November
    Professional Ethics
    Deborah Rhode
    Dirctor, Stanford Center on Ethics
    Also, short (10 minute) presentation by the Director of the Stanford Paris Center, Estelle Halevi, on Stanford and internships in Paris.
  8. 12 November
    Instant Patent Law
    Roberta J. Morris
    Lecturer, Stanford Law School
  9. 19 November
    No class, Thanksgiving Recess
  10. 26 November
    Experience of recent grads: a panel discussion
    Moderator: Raj Bhatnagar, Undergraduate Advising TA
  11. 3 December
    End quarter period, no class.