Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are available below, if you are signed up for the class.

It is useful to have these in class. Either print them, or bring your laptop, pad, or phone with you.

Lecture 1: Course Introduction
Lecture 2: Signal Characteristics and Models
Lecture 3: Signal Models
Lecture 4: Systems
Lecture 5: Time-Domain Analysis of Continuous Time Systems
Lecture 6: Convolution
Lecture 7: Fourier Series
Lecture 8: Fourier Transform
Lecture 9: Fourier Transform Theorems
Lecture 10: Fourier Theorems and Generalized Fourier Transforms
Lecture 11: Frequency Response of LTI Systems
Lecture 12: Modulation and Demodulation
Lecture 13: Impulse Trains, Periodic Signals, and Sampling
Lecture 14: Discrete Time Signals
Lecture 15: Discrete Time Systems
Lecture 16: Discrete Time Fourier Series
Lecture 17: Discrete Time Fourier Transform
Lecture 18: Overview and Conclusions

Notes for the applications are below. These will usually be Fridays.

Application 1: Radar
Application 2: Spread Spectrum Communications
Application 3: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Application 4: Doppler Ultrasound

Tables of the transforms and theorems you will need.

Continuous Time Fourier Transform Table
Discrete Time Fourier Transform Table