Late-day Policy for EE107

We try hard to balance two constraints.

  • On the one hand, we need to be strict about deadlines in order to keep the class on schedule. If assignments are not turned in on time, it delays the grading of your work, and your TAs have to juggle grading different assignments/milestones at the same time. We've found that this makes the class unmanageable, and your TAs are left with less time to answer questions and help you with your assignments and project.

  • On the other hand, emergencies happen from time to time and we respect the need to allow extra time to students who genuinely need it for reasons beyond their control.

So here is the policy. If you hand in an assignment/milestone late, you will lose a portion of your grade as follows.

  • 0-24 hours late, lose 25%

  • 24-48 hours late, lose 50%

  • > 48 hours late, no credit

Despite the tough stuff above, you have THREE free late days of 24 hours across all assignments and project milestones. However, you may only use at most two free late days for any assignment/milestone.