EE 107 Projects

0. Set up development environment

Not graded, no due date. But this is a prerequisite for Project 1.

1. Blinkenlights

Due Wednesday Oct 11th, 10pm (Friday Oct 13 is OK for SCPD students)

You will be working in groups of 2-3 students (unless you are SCPD). Please submit your source code and README as a .zip file on Canvas. If you have any questions, post them to Piazza.

2. UART and SPI

Due Wednesday Oct 25th, 10:00pm

Final Project Proposal

Due Friday Nov 3rd, 10:00pm

3. I2C and DMA

Due Friday Nov 10th, 4pm

4. Wireless Networking

Due Friday Nov 17th, 10:00pm

Final Project