Homework will be posted every Friday and 5pm the next Friday 5pm. Please turn in your homework to the drawer on the 2nd floor of Packard building.


Discussion on homework problems is encouraged. However, you need to explicitly specify who you discussed with, as required by the honor code. Using external resource (published paper, Wikipedia) is fine but you need to cite them in your solutions.

Homework Solution Due Date
Homework 1 Solution 04/14/2016
Homework 2 Solution 04/21/2016
Homework 3 Solution 04/28/2016
Homework 4 Solution 05/05/2016
Homework 5 hwdir/hw5p3.m Solution 05/12/2016
Midterm Solutions 05/26/2016
Homework 7 Solution 05/26/2016
Homework 8(1) Homework 8(2) starter code starter code for tensorflow v0.8 Solution 06/02/2016
Homework 9 Solution 06/06/2016