MONDAYS, 4:15 P.M. - 5:05 P.M.
Terman Auditorium


Instructor: Prof. Richard M. Reis
Executive Director, Stanford Integrated Manufacturing Association,


TA: June Wang

This seminar will look at "Life after Stanford" through a series of presentations primarily directed at MS/EE students. In particular, it will examine the activities of graduates in industry (large, medium and small), start-up companies, government laboratories and community colleges.

January 15 Martin Luther King -- Holiday - No Class
January 22

Smart Job Searches During Difficult Times
Beverly Principal, Assistant Director, Employment Career Development Center

January 29 Ethics and Nanotechnology
Professor Robert McGinn, MS&E
February 5
The Space Elevator
Ben Shelef, The Spaceward Foundation

February 12
Hybrid Control of Air Traffic Systems
Professor Claire Tomlin, A&A

February 19 President's Day -- Holiday - No Class
February 26

Aerospace Engineering Challenges in an Era of Global Instability
Taylor Lawrence, Raytheon

March 5
Starting a Company from Scratch
Jano Banks, Raiident
March 12

History of Wireless Communication
Professor Tom Lee, Electrical Engineering


EE201B, Winter Quarter 2007

Dr. Richard M. Reis, Instructor

  1. The EE 201B Seminar is held weekly during the Winter quarter on Monday afternoons from 4:15 to 5:05 PM in Terman Auditorium. It serves to introduce you to the work of Electrical Engineering Master's and Ph.D. graduates in government and industry through presentations by speakers from various employment sectors.

  2. There are no homework assignments and no examinations. The grade is Pass/No Credit. One unit of credit is given for EE201B students.
  3. To get credit for the course, STUDENTS MUST ATTEND ALL SEVEN SCHEDULED SESSIONS. (See Also #5 Below) Attendance for the seminar will be recorded by signature on the attendance sheets which will be distributed in the auditorium. These records will be kept by TA and students should address any questions about their attendance records to her. The official class list comes from the Registrar's Office which will appear later after study lists have been processed. Students are responsible for assuring that they are officially registered.

  4. The EE 201B Seminar is broadcast over the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) to graduate students in the Honors Cooperative Program. Students viewing the broadcast of the seminar at their worksite should complete a standard SCPD attendance form for each session and return this form to SCPD. They should contact SCPD at (650) 725-3015 immediately for any questions about the attendance form.

  5. The seminars will also be available on line at: During that time students who miss a particular seminar can view the seminar on line. WITHIN IN ONE WEEK OF THE MISSED SEMINAR, students should send a memo to June Wang certifying the date of the tape viewing and the basic details of the seminar as to the speaker and presentation topic, also include general feedback about the seminar. This memo can be sent by email to June Wang
My colleagues and I want to make the EE201B Seminar useful and interesting to you. Please feel free to give me feedback and suggestions during the course. We can talk after each class or you can send me electronic mail at
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June Wang