EE204: Business Management for
Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists

HTC Corp. in 2009


  1. Read: Brands and Branding
  2. Read: A Note on Team Process
  3. Read: Product Lifecycle
  4. Read: HTC Corp. in 2009

Group Case Analysis

The first written case analysis is a group assignment. The paper must be strictly your own group's individual work, independent of discussions or consultations with other groups. This means the first case will be done in teams. Please refer to the Guidelines and Grading for Written Case Analyses page of the web site. Prepared following the guidelines given in that document. You should attempt to present important background case information, and use the tools discussed in class and in the readings as a basis for your analysis. Make sure that your paper addresses the written assignment. The study questions should be addressed as part of the written assignment. The case will be due at 8AM, before the beginning of class on the due date. Papers submitted after this date and time will not be accepted (including but not limited to later in the same day).

Case Summary

Taiwan-based HTC Corp. had emerged as the world's fourth largest smart phone manufacturer by 2009. CEO Peter Chou was extremely proud of the remarkable achievements his company had made over the last 12 years since starting off as an unknown manufacturer of PDAs for other companies. Yet Chou faced several decisions in order to move his company forward. Competition for high-end, sophisticated mobile devices was intensifying as HTC faced big name players such as Nokia, Apple, and Samsung Electronics. Many companies were offering their own application stores.

Written Assignment

Recommend a comprehensive marketing strategy, including analysis of alternatives and risks, to Cher Wang Chairperson and the HTC board of directors which achieves the goals of Mr. Peter Chou's or your revised version. Support your recommendation with an analysis of case facts and answers to the questions below. NOTE: Only the facts presented in the case should be used in your recommendation. This assures consistency of information and consistency in grading.

Discussion Questions

Analyze CEO Peter Chou's strategy for HTC . Do you support his goals listed below? .If not what goals would you recommend?

  1. Become a more powerful global brand?
  2. Make HTC unique in one of the most exciting, innovative categories in the technology world.?

What is the motivation for Mr. Chou to pursue these goals?

What role do industry forces play in achieving the goals?

What results can be expected from your recommendations and in what timeframe?

Do you have the team you want for execution of your plan?