EE204: Business Management for
Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists

Grading Criteria for Written Papers


Score /20

Recommendations: (6)

  1. Are the goals to be achieved by the recommendations stated?  Are they appropriate?
  2. Are the recommendations specific and comprehensive?
  3. Are the recommendations clearly built on the analysis?
  4. Does the paper include specific actions plans and timelines for implementing the recommendations?
  5. Are the recommendations and action plans prioritized? Which are short term and which are long term?
  6. Are the recommendations practical (can they reasonably be done)?
  7. Can the recommendations and action plan be accomplished with available resources?
  8. Are the recommendations supported by financial projections?
  9. What are the risks in the recommendations and actions? What is the plan for dealing with them?


Analysis: (8)

  1. Does the paper identify and prioritize the major issues?
  2. How does the paper deal with insufficient information in the analysis?
  3. Are relevant tools and frameworks used?
  4. Are relationships and dependencies among important factors in the situation identified?
  5. Are assumptions in the analysis stated explicitly?
  6. Does the paper contain major alternatives considered, and the rationale for not pursuing?


Exhibits: (4)

  1. Are analyses in the exhibits done correctly?
  2. Do the exhibits support the analysis and recommendations? Are they clearly and usefully referenced in the text?


Overall Criteria: (2)

  1. Is the paper logically consistent and structured so that it effectively sells its recommendations?
  2. Is there a high likelihood that the recommendations will achieve the desired goals?