EE204: Business Management for
Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists

Grading Criteria for Written Papers


Score /20

Problem Statement and Recommended Actions: (6)

  1. Is the problem that needs to be solved stated clearly?
  2. Is the criteria for identifying this problem appropriate?
  3. Are the criteria for selecting a recommendation stated? Are they appropriate?
  4. Is the plan of action integrated in a logical way and linked to the analysis?
  5. Does the action plan recognize the importance of timing (short and long term)?
  6. Is the action plan specific and complete?
  7. Is the action plan practical (something that can be done reasonably)?
  8. Is the action plan effective (does it resolve the problems and achieve the desired result)?
  9. Is the action plan efficient (does it make good use of available resources)?
  10. Score:_____

Analysis: (8)

  1. Does the paper contain analyses of the major issues?
  2. Does each analysis properly incorporate the relevant tools?
  3. Does each analysis show the relationships among important factors in the situation?
  4. Are assumptions which are made in the analysis stated explicitly?
  5. Does the paper contain a broad perspective of available alternatives, and the strengths and weaknesses of each?


Exhibits: (4)

  1. Is the recommended strategy backed by numerical forecasts and projections incorporating information from exhibits in the original case? Are these projections reasonable? Are the analyses done correctly?
  2. Is information in the exhibits visualized and presented in an appropriate manner?
  3. Do the key analyses support and add to the text on salient points?


Overall Criteria: (2)

  1. Is the paper logically consistent and structured so that it effectively sells its recommendations?
  2. Is there a high likelihood that the recommendations will achieve their desired results?