Two-Dimensional Imaging

Winter 2014-2015



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Matlab hints for file reading and 256 level display

(Matlab hints)matlabfilereads.pdf

"imbytefile" routine for matlab display

(Matlab code)imbytefile.m

Fortran fft routine from Numerical Recipes

(Fortran code)fft.f

C fft routine from Numerical Recipes

(C code)four1.c


We recommend that you start with the document "Getting started".

Document or Site Description Link
Mathworks Home page of The MathWorks, Inc.

Index of Matlab documentation

Mathworks web page with Matlab documentation in PDF and HTML, including the one selected here.


Getting started

Brief introduction to Matlab.

PDF on this server

PDF on Mathworks

Using Matlab

More extensive tutorial.

PDF on this server

PDF on Mathworks

Signal Processing Toolbox Guide to signal processing commands in Matlab and the signal processing toolbox (to start it, write sptool in Matlab command window).


PDF on this server

PDF on Mathworks


How to use a Stanford UNIX machine from your PC in general, and MATLAB in particular

Apart from buying a student's license or going to Sweet Hall, you can use Matlab remotely from your PC if you can connect to the Stanford network -and your connection is fast enough, for instance if you live on campus. 

First of all, we assume that you have an application to establish a TELNET connection. We recommend Samson, the standard TELNET application at Stanford, available at Recall that to access any Stanford machine you need a Leland account, that is, aStanford Network ID (SUNetID) and a password (for details, see 

An X-Window server is an application you may install on your PC that allows you to connect to a UNIX machine and see in your PC what you would see if you were working in front of the UNIX machine itself, including not only text, but also graphics. Two examples of such programs are Hummingbird Exceed and M/X. Thelatter can be used for free during a limited trial period and can be downloaded from  

To establish this connection, you usually need to:

  • Launch your X-Window server (using for instance, Exceed).
  • Launch your TELNET application (for instance, Samson) and establish a connection to a UNIX machine having MATLAB installed (for instance,,, firebird, forsythe, etc.). Your login and password are those corresponding to your Leland account.
  • In your TELNET application, write 
    • setenv DISPLAY ${REMOTEHOST}:0.0
    • xterm & (optional test, opens a graphical terminal window)
    • matlab &
  • Wait for a few seconds for MATLAB to start.

Not all UNIX machines are properly configured and contain MATLAB properly installed. I just tried from my on-campus PC and it worked.

A tip. Save your files frequently in case the connection is lost. You can easily recover them later.