EE 278 - Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing

Course Description

Review of basic probability and random variables. Random vectors and processes; convergence and limit theorems; IID, independent increment, Markov, and Gaussian random processes; stationary random processes; autocorrelation and power spectral density; mean square error estimation, detection, and linear estimation. Formerly EE 278B.


  • Final will be held from 12:15pm-3:15pm on December 7th at Hewlett 201

  • Midterm will be held on October 27 in 380-380Y and Packard 202

  • In the first review session (Sept 28), we will review basic probability. In the first part of homework bootcamp on Sept 29, we will have review of functions of random variables and generation of random variables.

  • We will conduct all class-related discussion here: Piazza forum

  • Register EE278 through Axess to be automatically added to Coursework where we will post grades, handouts, etc.

  • Review sessions will be at 5:15pm Mondays at Packard 204 starting Monday September 28

  • No cell phone use is allowed in class