EE 278: Materials

Here are the previous lecture notes for EE 178.
Here are the previous lecture notes for EE 278.
Here are the lecture notes and reading for EE 263 (Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems).

Lecture Notes

Logistics: [pdf] [ppt]
Lecture notes 0
Lecture notes 1
Lecture notes 2
Lecture notes 3
Lecture notes 4
Lecture notes 5
Lecture notes 6
Lecture notes 7
Lecture notes 8
Lecture notes 9 (Course Summary)

Self-Programming Networks notes
Neural Network notes
The New York Times Article on AI [pdf]

Review Session Notes

Review session notes 1
Review session notes 2
Review session notes 3
Review session notes 4
TensorFlow tutorial slides: [pdf] [ppt]
Code for TensorFlow tutorial
Review session notes 6
Review session notes 7
Review session notes 8
Review session notes 9

Additional References

The following books should be on reserve at the Engineering Library:

  • Leon-Garcia, Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers.

  • Papoulis, Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes.

  • H. Vincent Poor, An Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation.

The following resources are available online: