We designed, implemented, integrated, and tested our AVR Tetris game system within one month. Some cool features we were able to include were adjustible contrast level of the LCD display, tetris, as well as settings for control how long each level is, and how much faster each level is. Also, the game system also plays different sounds when lines are cleared, you pass a level or game over.

Suppose we would have more time to complete this project, we would like to improve our current system with several additional features as the following:

  1. Select a color graphic LCD that displays bricks with different colors.
  2. Based on the color of the bricks, we can redesign the rule of the game so that lines are not just cleared horizontally, but lines can be cleared vertically or diagonally according to the color.
  3. Develop Two-Persons game that allows two persons to play against each other. An additional interface is required to interconnect two devices.