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A brief history of feedback control - Chapter 1
Back to Basics (9-97)
Back to Basics
Basics of Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control (3-98)
Comparison of PID Control Algorithms
Control And Embedded Systems - Technology Education Resources
Control Engineering Tutorials
CTM PID Tutorial
Examining the Fundamentals of PID Control
Feedback and Temperature Control
Loop Optimization
PID Control Information from John Shaw
Process Control Articles, ExperTune Software Reviews
Process Control Links @AlibagCity.Com by Prashant N. Mhatre
Sampled Control, BetterResults With Less Data (9-96)
Simple PID algorithm code
The PID Algorithm
Understanding PID Control


Piezo Systems - Introduction to Piezoelectricity
Piezo Systems - Piezoelectric Single Sheet
Robots and the Polaroid SONAR


ABACOM Technologies RF Wireless Transmitter, Receiver and Transceiver modules
Acroname Products Sensors
All Electronics Corp - Parts and Supplies-New and Surplus
Dawn Trading - The House Of Hobbies Australia
Free Trade Zone
Futaba Dealer Locator
FutabaŽ Servo Comparison Chart - 5 Major Brands
Goldmine Home Page
Images SI, Inc.
Lynxmotion Robot Kits Menu
Measurement Specialties, Inc. - Piezo Information Downloads
Mechatronic Vendors
Motion Products - Sensors & Transducers Ultrasonic Directory
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
Murata Electronics North America - Sales
ON Semiconductor - Product Catalog
Pressure Motorola
Reynolds Electronics Remote Control Store
Robotics Design Research, Control Systems, Mobile Technology
Robotics Related Web Sites
sbay.hams Periodic Information
Servoflo Corporation -- Thirty Years of Understanding Design Engineers
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433MHz RF Remote Control System
Arrick Robotics - PC-Based Motion Control Products
ARRLWeb ARRL Technical Information Service
ARRLWeb Surface Mount Technology
Chapter 9 Internal Battery Resistance
Choosing a Battery that Will Last
Control And Embedded Systems - Technology Education Resources
Diving games, toypedo toys, underwater pool toys, games for pools
DPRG - Interfacing Primer
E-Zine of Computer Controlled Systems
EGR 326 Course Home Page
Electric Motors - A Directory of the Most Useful Websites
Google Search robot hobby small linear motor
How to modify a servo
infrared and RF remote control schematics
Jones on Stepping Motor Control Circuits
Jones on Stepping Motors
Kmaxon page
Links electronics
Manufacturer of Acoustic Transducers for Ship and Submarine Sonar, Oceanographic Survey, Seismic Exploration, Marine Life Resea
PID Controler with USB Interface
Piezo, Piezoelectric Actuators, PZT Ceramics, Piezo Motors
Piezoelectric Actuators, Ultrasonic Motors, and Switching Amplifiers
Piezoelectric ceramics, ultrasonic air transducers, single crystals, actuators, nebulizers, alumina, disc benders, piezo buzzer
Polaroid OEM Ultrasonics
Radio Control Car Action - RC Articles - NiMH Battery Care and Maintenance
RC Glossary of Remote Control Terms (1)
RF Remote Control for Robotics
Robotics Bookmarks and other trivia
Robotics information
Schematics-Ultrasonic Range Finder-Ultrasonic.htm
Sensors Online - Your Resource for Sensing, Communication, and Control
Servo Motors Theory, Hardware, and HC11 code
Silver Oxide Battery
Simple Sonar Ranger
SRS Chat Monday November 13 2000
Stepper Motors and the HandyBoard
StepperLMD18200 Automated Walking Vehicle
Table of Contents for Batteries in a Portable World
The difference between Stepper Motors, Servos, and RC Servos
Theory and Applications of Piezo Actuators and PZT NanoPositioning Systems
Translated version of
Translational joint
Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
Ultrasonic Range Sensor
Ultrasonics and Robotics
Variable Speed Control Modification to the Futaba S3003 RC Servo
We specialize in data acquisition, signal conditioning, RF, telemetry, cabinets, cases, power distribution units, pc computers,
Welcome To AGT Battery Supply
Welcome to Polaroid OEM

Atmel AVR microcontrollers
AVR Board
AVR C source files
AVR Compilers
AvrX 2.6 for IAR and GCC compilers
Baud Rate, Data Bits, Parity
Beginner's introduction to AVR assembler language
Beginners' PIC and AVR page
Bits, Baud Rate, and BPS
Development and Prototype boards and tools for PIC AVR and MSP430
Download CodeVisionAVR
Ernsts Bookmarks -- Elektronik
Getting Started Programming with GCC-AVR using AVR Studio
Jonathan's On-line EE Lab Notebook
Links to usefull resources
MAPP AD converter
Omega V's AVR Resource List
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