Soundwave MP3

  • Introduction
  • Parts and Materials
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Design
  • Results/Lessons
  • Links
  • Here are the helpful links that provided me with a lot of help:

  • A lot of good information here
  • Ral Electronics: Someone else who used the same MP3 chip
  • Dragon MP3: Site is in german, but the source code is commented in English. Another project using the MAS3587F.
  • EE281 Links: Pretty much everything here was helpful.


  • Halted Electronics: Cheap stuff!
  • Snail Instruments: I got my MP3 chip from here. About 2.5 weeks shipping time, from the Czech Republic. I also ordered the adapter board from here too. Unfortunately the seller forgot to include this, so I had to wait another 2.5 weeks before I could mount my MP3 chip.
  • Digikey: Huge selection of parts! Too bad I need to pay for shipping.
  • Jameco: Somewhat limited selection compared to Digikey, but they are local so you can skip out on shipping.
  • ACS Control: Got my CF-IDE adapter from here.

  • Copyright 2002 Toru Kuzuhara